A BIZARRE festival celebrating a mythical tale created by pub regulars saw hundreds take to the streets last weekend.

Six months ago, members of group Homage de Fromage dreamed up the myth of Lefi the Goat Boy, to explain the origins of Surbiton.

According to their legend, Lefi drove out the giant Thamas Deeton 100 years ago, allowing the people of Seething to live in peace.

To celebrate the myth on Saturday, a series of workshops was held along with an archaeological dig at the entrance to Lefi's cave, in the garden of The Lamb pub, in Brighton Road.

On Sunday, more than 300 people joined in a parade, which left Brighton Road at 4pm. Organiser Robin Hutchinson said he hoped it would become an annual event.

He added: "It was a staggering reaction. People were leaning out of windows, watching, and cheering. The kids, especially, got very involved in the dig, it was just lovely to see all these smiles on people's faces."

Homage de Fromage's previous ventures include suburban skiing, with participants skiing down St Marks Hill with blocks of ice strapped to their feet, and a giant game of Mousetrap.

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