MR McLAUGHLIN is clearly a person who likes to make his judgments without being confused by the facts, certainly when it comes to cycle tracks in Richmond Park (Pedal power just a myth in this place, Letters, January 27).

It is untrue to state that there have not been problems since these facilities were introduced a few years ago.

Difficulties have arisen, since these tracks are used by walkers, joggers and cyclists, some of whom are inconsiderate and charge around at inappropriate speeds and ignore the safety warnings put there for their benefit and the safety of others.

Clearly this is a combination that doesn't mix easily. Happily, with the passage of time, many of these problems have reduced - but not entirely disappeared. Therefore, it is prudent for the council to be cautious in this matter.

I base my observations on 40 years of regular visits to the park, and currently I spend at least a day and a half every week in the park, working closely with the park staff as a volunteer.


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