HARROW town centre was awash with the blue of Cardiff City on Saturday as the Bluebird fans travelled to Wembley for this year's FA Cup final.

Supporters packed into pubs before and after the game and were in high spirits despite their side's 1-0 defeat to Portsmouth.

There had been fears their notoriously rowdy supporters would cause chaos in Harrow but only one minor incident- at the Moon on the Hill in Station Road - marred their day out.

Supporters of the two teams have reputations as being violent and both feature among the worst offenders on the Home Office's 'Hall of Shame' - a league table which records the number of banning orders handed down to thuggish fans.

In light of this, police stepped up patrols, sent out a CCTV van and had riot police on standby. However, little action was needed.

A police spokesman said: "In terms of Harrow the policing operation appeared to be very successful. There was only one incident of note which involved between 60 and 70 rowdy Cardiff fans at the Moon on the Hill at about 8.30pm.

"The pub asked for police intervention and a number of vans and a dog unit were sent to deal with the issue.

"It was closed momentarily but fans got back on their coaches and went home."

Supporters flocked to pubs as early as 11am on Saturday, returning after the game at about 6pm.

And far from causing trouble landlords said they created a great atmosphere.

Eddie Gilmartin, manager at Yates's, in Station Road, Harrow, said: "At one point I would say we had as many as 250 Cardiff fans in but they were no trouble at all.

"There was a great atmosphere. They were all chanting and having a laugh, even after the result.

"We obviously took some safety precautions, with additional door staff and plastic cups, but they left at about 10pm with no problems at all."

Fat Controller manager Jim McKnight was equally pleased with the attitude of fans who drank in his Station Road pub on the day. He said:

"We were completely packed out with Cardiff fans throughout the day, with mainly locals and regulars actually staying for the game.

"Even though there were a good 100 fans here they were all very well behaved, absolutely no trouble whatsoever."