YOUR article on the possible 'U-turn' by the Government over the expansion at Heathrow leaves me bewildered.

Perhaps the director of Hounslow Racial Equality Council (HREC) which is funded by all taxpayers, will answer the following questions:

How is the Government flouting the race laws by allowing an increase in traffic at Heathrow?

Why will the supposed increase in noise and pollution affect only ethnic residents?

On challenging the Government's proposal why didn't the HREC consider the effect on the remaining 25 per cent of indigenous residents? Perhaps they don't count.

How can Satvinder Buttar claim to speak for an organisation supposedly interested in racial equality when they so blatantly ignore a minority?

For many years now minorities have been given far more attention than their numbers would warrant, but here we have a case of an indigenous minority in Cranford being ignored.

I look forward to a full explanation.

RAY FERGUSON Staines Road, Bedfont.