£54-billion has been spent on education over the past decade, but in spite of this massive financial investment in our schools we see attempts to improve the education system of England and Wales often resulting in failure.

The chief inspector of OFSTED, Christine Gilbert, announced recently that improvements in education

had been stalled and that 20 per cent of school leavers in England and Wales were leaving their schools unable to read or write, which is thoroughly disgraceful.

Bog standard schools are still with us and the morale of a great many teachers is at an all time low thanks to the failure of Labour to keep its promises regarding reform of the English and Welsh education system.

The Government is showing us that it is thoroughly incompetent regarding the education of children in England and Wales and does not appear to be unduly worried about the high number of illiterate youngsters or the consequences of their illiteracy.


Farnborough Close Wembley