BURGLARIES in Hounslow are spiralling and police claim the rise is because of the recession.

Figures released by the Met Police show break-ins were up 13 per cent year-on-year in the six months to November.

A total of 1,011 burglaries were committed between April 1 and November 1 - up from 894 during the same period last year.

Theft from cars have rocketed 25 per cent, from 1,122 to 1,400.

Inspector Manpreet Bains from Hounslow police said the rise in burglary was mirrored across London, and claimed the recession was a contributory factor.

He said: "We are targeting the areas where the burglaries are taking place. There is a specialised squad which deals with burglaries and we are dedicating more resources to the problem."

Mr Bains also highlighted an increase in so-called 'letterbox burglaries', where thieves put a fishing rod or hook through a letterbox and pick up keys, handbags or jackets to break into or steal cars.

Thirty-four burglaries of this kind have taken place in the borough since April and 21 cars, including Audis, Mercedes and BMWs, have been stolen from Hounslow driveways in recent months.

He added: "We have seen a marked increase in letterbox burglaries. Our message to the public is: Please don't leave your keys, handbags or jackets near the front door."

Other than burglaries and theft from cars - and small increases in homophobic crime and assaults - crime in Hounslow dropped over the same six-month period.

Serious violent crime was down by 12 per cent, gun crime fell by 30 per cent and knife crime was down 7 per cent.