TWO years ago in January 2006, I was driving the car near Windsor, with my wife and son, enjoying the scenery, when I suddenly felt ill.

My wife made me stop the car and my son called an ambulance.

They came quickly and diagnosed I had had a stroke. I was taken to Wexham Park Hospital.

They were marvellous and managed to get me walking in three weeks.

While in Wexham Park Hospital drifting in and out of sleep, my sister said: "You will walk again."

I still couldn't talk and my arm and leg weren't very strong, but in three weeks I was home in Bedfont.

I went for speech therapy once a week and I practised exercising my arm and leg until they got stronger and stronger.

Now, two years on, I can do everything, the garden, vacuuming, washing up and accept emails on my computer.

I still go for speech therapy even though I can talk to family and neighbours and I can use the phone and travel on my own on buses.

I am just waiting to hear from the DVLA for a driving licence as my consultant says I can drive a car now.

When I have mastered writing, I will write more books on my Bedfont.

So to anyone who has had a stroke, don't ever give up, and keep striving to do more. I did it and so can you!

ROBIN RENDELL Bedfont Green Close, Bedfont.