A senior police officer hoping to set up a youth club in Wembley is calling for volunteers to help run the project.

Sergeant Andy Lester, from Northwick Park Safer Neighbourhoods team, wants to start a weekly social event for teenagers to address rising levels of anti-social behaviour on the Sudbury Court estate.

Funding for the project has already been secured, with the council handing out £12,000 as part of its neighbourhoods working scheme, but the officer needs willing residents to form a management committee.

Sgt Lester said: "It's obvious that there is not a lot for young people to do in the area and we have been having some problems with teenagers congregating on the streets in the evenings, keeping residents awake.

"Because they are not committing any crime all we can do is move them around from place to place so we thought a youth club would be the best solution."

The idea has been backed by the Sudbury Court Residents'Association, which is working with police to get the youth club off the ground.

Northwick Park Pavilion, in Northwick Park open space, has been earmarked for the venue.

"The pavilion is under-used and needs a lot of refurbishment to get it going but is an ideal place for the club," said Sgt Lester.

"That's why we are appealing for volunteers to help run it. We have got

the money in place and now it is a case of getting a committee together and deciding exactly what we are going to do with it."

Trained youth leaders, who work for the St Cuthbert's Church youth club, have agreed to run the sessions.

Ben Lovell, 25, one of the youth workers, said: "We already run a club but a lot of young people don't want to come because it is associated with the church. Hopefully this new project will be a success."

Organisers are looking to run the club initially for one night per week and aim to open it in September.

"A lot of safer neighbourhood teams have youth engagement projects going on but we are trying to build something from scratch," said Sgt Lester.

"It is definitely the first scheme of its kind to take place in the north of the borough. Groups of young people increase the fear of crime so it is a good idea to get them off the streets - even though there is very little crime recorded in the area."