HARD-WORKING taxpayers do not deserve the sub-standard healthcare provision they are getting from the Government.

And the annual patient survey, released last week, hammers home the shameful conditions in some of the UK's busiest hospitals.

More money needs to be pumped into the faltering NHS and a massive overhaul is needed to ensure matrons, doctors, nurses and health bosses are all pulling in the right direction and providing the best care possible.

The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust has recently been criticised because three young mothers died after giving birth at Northwick Park Hospital in a 10-month period. And the latest survey results will do little to improve its reputation.

Patients have complained how hygiene in wards is not up to scratch, how they are sharing mixed-sex bathrooms and toilets and how they are not getting the support they need to allay any worries and fears.

It is clear that hospital workers are 100 per cent committed to their jobs and should be commended for their hard work, but nine times out of 10 a lack of resources means this goes to waste.

The Government needs to get to grips with the grass roots of healthcare provision and work from the bottom up,so unnecessary bureaucracy and targets do not continue to hamper the service.

Even though only two per cent of patients responded to the Healthcare Commission survey,to come in the bottom eight trusts in the country is simply not good enough.

The people of Harrow deserve better and improvements need to be made now.