THE Gazette's 'Tree For Harefield' campaign to give the village a festive feel is gathering pace.

Harefield Councillor Henry Higgins, who has agreed to fund the tree out of the village's ward budget, has said the project is 'moving along nicely.'
He said: "I am going through the motions of trying to get the finance, which we have available in the ward budget.

"Although it is not like me just writing a cheque, it has to go through processes and be signed off by different people. But it will happen, as far as the height of the tree goes, we will push it to the limits of what we can get, it is important for the village, I've gone for one that will have a permanent fitting."

However, health and safety rules may mean the tree will go up without lights this year, but Councillor Higgins insists it is better than not having one at all, and has not ruled out having it lit up in future years.

The campaign for the tree has also gained more backing from the village, as the prospect of a Harefield Christmas tree has gripped the village in festive spirit.

Carol Patel, of St Mary's Road, said: "I wholeheartedly support having a Christmas tree in Harefield Village. My children have grown up but it would still be great to see one up. I have lived in Harefield for 3 and a half years. Let’s do it."

Paul Stone, Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator said: "I think its a good idea, the baskets went up without a problem, a Christmas tree would be good."

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