RECRUITING 2,000 people to look out for anti-social behaviour seems money wasted on an idea based on a lack of trust in the people of Harrow.

There are already a host of ways people can report things like graffiti and littering, and many already do so.

If community spirit is at such a low ebb that no one cares, encouraging people to rat on their neighbours is not going to improve the situation.

Surely people who would consider signing up to such a scheme are already more than happy to report incidents, so all we are doing is throwing cash at training people who already do their bit.

If the plan is agreed at a cabinet meeting tonight we could be handing undue responsibility to people who have ulterior motives, or issues with their neighbours.

Toy Appeal

CHILDREN will be eagerly awaiting Christmas - keeping their fingers crossed they get this year's latest toy.

But there are some children who will face the holiday in hospital, and families who will struggle in the current economic climate to get their children anything at all. That is why the Observer asks readers to play their part in making a potentially difficult time happier, by donating a gift in this year's Toy Appeal.

Staying in hospital is traumatic for a child at the best of times, but when that time is usually spent at home opening presents it is harder still.

Everyone is hit by money troubles at this difficult time, but donating one small gift can completely change a child's Christmas.