Susan Kramer's five year reign as Richmond Park MP ended dramatically this morning, as Tory rival Zac Goldsmith stormed the polls with a majority of more than 4,000.

Watched by his mother Lady Annabel and sister Jemima Khan, his band of supporters erupted in cheers as the results were read out.

The result came as a surprise to some – pollsters put them neck and neck throughout the election campaign.

An emotional Susan Kramer thanked her team She said: "Have faith in yourselves – I couldn't do it this for you, but have faith in yourselves." Thanking her supporters she said: "You have me five absolutely wonderful years and I can never do anything but be grateful to you for that. You chose someone else to lead you into the future – that's the way it goes in politics."

Goldsmith said he was thrilled with the result. "I'd like to thank the voters in Richmond Park and North Kingston for trusting me with their vote, for making me their MP," he said.

"We've fought a long and hard campaign but this is the beginning of a harder campaign."


Peter Jan Dul, UKIP 669

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative 29,461

Charles Hill, Independent 84

Susan Kramer, Liberal Democrat 25,370

Susan May, Christian Peoples Alliance 133

James Page, Green 572

Eleanor Tunnicliffe, Labour 2,979

Spoilt votes 130

Davey romps home in Kingston & Surbiton - see page 2

Vince Cable comfortably returned in Twickenham - page 3

Kingston and Surbiton's Edward Davey stormed the election, taking nearly half the 57,111 votes.

The Liberal Democrat, who has been the area's member of parliament since 1997, received an 8,000 majority. His nearest rival, Conservative Helen Whately received 36.5 per cent of the vote, up 3.5 per cent on the Tories last election result in Kingston and Surbiton.


Edward Davey Liberal Democrat 28,428

Helen Whately, Conservative 20.868

Maxwell Freedman, Labour 5,337

Jonathan Greensted, UKIP 1,450

Chris Walker, Green 555

Monkey The Drummer, Monster Raving Loony 247

Anthony May, Christian Peoples Alliance 226

Turnout 70.4 per cent - up 2.7 per cent on the last election.

Vince Cable maintained his stronghold in the Twickenham ward, proving his national profile has done little to put off voters looking for a local MP. The deputy Liberal Democrat leader won with a convincing 12,000 majority.

In a speech he acknowledged his part duties but said he was delighted to be Twickenham's MP for another term. He said: "I've been working across the country for my party but what really matters is the constituency that I represent."

Conservative hopeful Deborah Thomas but up an impressive fight, raking in more than 20,000 votes. She thanked her opponents for some "good, clean jousting" and congratulated Dr Cable on his victory.


Paul Armstrong, The Magna Carta Party 40

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat 32,483

Harry Cole, Citizens for undead rights and equality 76

Brian Gilbert, UKIP 868

Chris Hurst, BNP 654

Steve Roest, Green 674

Deborah Thomas, Conservative 20,343

Brian Tomlinson, Labour 4,583

Spoilt votes 125