WORRIED Osterley residents are stepping up their campaign to tackle plans for floodlit football pitches which they claim will make their lives intolerable.

People living in Oaklands Avenue, off Syon Lane, argue proposals to build 10 all-weather surfaces at the former Centaurs RFC Sports Ground would be 'a disaster' for the area.

They fear the Goals Soccer Centre, first proposed by the firm last year, will increase noise and light pollution, as well as cause parking chaos.

"We feel very strongly about it - it'd be a dis-aster for us," said John Norman, of the Oaklands Avenue Residents Group.

"It will be a living thing and without doubt the noise and light would be terrific."

The 66-year-old is spearheading efforts to bring the plan to its knees amid criticisms of the clamour and bright light from the site.

"We have young families and elderly people - even a 93-year-old - who are all against this. People can get used to anything but we're very suburban here - it's not an urban environment," he added.

The former Centaurs ground - which contains a Grade II-listed pavilion - has been vacant for seven years but has been well maintained by a groundsman from nearby Grasshoppers RFC.

Goals plans to refurbish the building and then use it for changing rooms.

The firm has pitches for rent by the hour at sites nationwide, including in Hayes, Heathrow and Wimbledon.

Oaklands Avenue residents were left horrified by visits to other centres - where matches can go on until 11.30pm.

Up to 20 people attended a council planning meeting last week where the matter was discussed ahead of a decision by the Sustainable Development Committee in the coming months.

But the group was disappointed it was denied the opportunity to address councillors directly.

"It seemed all our concerns had been pushed under the carpet and it will go ahead," he said.

Cllr Jon Hardy, chair of the meeting, said they were refused because nobody from Goals could attend to balance the debate.

"But their concerns were noted and their proposed speech submitted," he added.

Goals declined to comment.