May I please thank John Murphy for writing, and the Chronicle for printing, his letter headlined "Don't create these 'monster' hybrids" (May 1).

In so doing, we are reminded locally of the monstrous horror 'clauses' lurking within the Human Fertility and Embryology Bill, shortly to be put before Parliament.

The news from Newcastle University that it had already created a human-animal hybrid embryo with the knowledge/permission of the authorities surely begs the question "what, indeed, who, else is being experimented upon with Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) knowledge which we, the public, are unaware of ?"

Indeed, I wonder which way our MPs will be voting regarding the Bill, as a whole, for even if they do vote with regard to their own consciences, whipped or unwhipped, suppose their consciences differ from the consciences of their constituents - who then will be voting on behalf of our consciences?

Surely, on a decision of such grave importance to the future of mankind, Parliament should, indeed, be taking this decision-making straight to the country via a referendum - and without the need for a prior parliamentary vote.

As a friend of mine has just exclaimed "if we lose respect for the sanctity of life, and the act of creation of life, and human life becomes a disposable commodity, we are, indeed, on a deep, dark road".

ANNE GRICE Oaklands Road, East Sheen.