A MUGGER jailed for life for launching a string of terrifying strangulation attacks has been ordered to pay over half a million pounds after police were unable to recover his haul of stolen goods.

Daniel Mykoo, of Fulham Road, was jailed for life last year after he carried out more than 80 attacks on lone women across London with brother Matthew, who was locked up for an indefinite period.

Sixty-nine of the horrific attacks involved throttling their victims before they ordered them to hand over jewellery and cash.

Daniel Mykoo was ordered to pay £508,944, while his brother must hand over £53,011.

They were arrested in Barnet after a cash collection van driver saw them acting suspiciously in Fairfax Avenue.

Officers traced the Volkswagen Golf they were using that day as belonging to a victim of a previous robbery, when Daniel Mykoo had grabbed the victim from behind and threatened her with a knife.

Detective Constable Reg Pickering, from Barnet CID, said: "The substantial costs that the Mykoo brothers have been ordered to pay reflect the sheer volume of offences they have committed.

“They will be suffering the financial and moral consequences of these crimes whilst they remain in their prison cells.

"I hope that this sends out a clear message that crime does not pay, and wherever possible, criminals will be ordered to pay out substantial costs which will impact on the rest of their lives.”