A LEAKING roof ruined ruined much of the stock at a charity Christmas card shop.

The special store opened less than two weeks ago at the YMCA in South Ealing but was threatened with closure following the weekend flood.

It is believed rain poured in through a gap caused by a broken tile on the roof.

The shop's volunteer staff arrived on Monday morning to find cards they were hoping to sell in the weeks before Christmas floating in two inches of water.

Organiser Sue Green said: "It was quite heartbreaking to see the pile of damaged packets of cards grow into a huge heap, and to have to turn away our customers. The whole of the room had to be evacuated and we were all very disheartened by the experience.

"The YMCA have been fantastic and by Tuesday the shop was up and running again in the centre's restaurant. Our customers have been wonderful, even helping us dry off some of the cards."

The shop will be selling cards until Saturday, December 19. Money raised by card sales will go towards 40 charities.