ARSONS in the borough have fallen by 32 per cent in the last year- according to the latest Fire Brigade figures.

In 2008/09 there were 361 deliberately started fires- compared to 530 in the year previous.

The reduction has been attributed to the hard work of an Arson Task Force, which brings together the Fire Brigade, and police to reduce injuries and property damage.

Gerard Hollingworth, LFB borough commander for Hillingdon, said: "We are working hard to reduce arson but the issue remains a problem across Hillingdon.

"People start deliberate fires for a huge range of reasons from boredom, to natural curiosity, financial reasons or even as a cry for help.

"Arson can affect us all. The easiest thing people can do to help is to ensure theres no clutter or rubbish lying around outside their homes and neighbourhoods.

"This rubbish can be an easy target for would-be arsonists and increases the risk of you suffering from a serious fire in your area."

The LFB also run a programme called the Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Scheme which aims to tackle the issue of young people setting fires by working with youths and their families.

Last October a 12 year old boy from Harefield was arrested in connection with starting a fire at Denham Green, cases such as this would be where the JFIS programme comes into action.

In September last year two men and a woman from Hayes were jailed for over 20 years for conspiracy to commit arson, for a petrol bomb attack on their victims home.

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