I WANT to assure Londoners that the boroughs are doing everything they can to stop Post Office Ltd from closing 155 of their offices across the capital.

The Post Office appears to have ignored the devastating impact its plans will have on local communities across London. Not only will they hit the vulnerable members of our society who rely on post offices to get benefits and pay bills but they will also harm our local shops and businesses.

London has been the region hardest hit by the number of post office closures. The 155 recently announced closures will mean that in six years a total of 474 post offices will have shut in the capital.

London Councils and the Mayor of London are working closely together to do everything that can be done to prevent these offices from shutting. We are currently working with mayor Boris Johnson on pursuing a legal challenge to these irresponsible plans.

If the Post Office thinks it is going to be able to close these offices without a fuss it is sadly mistaken.