A FIRE station could get an extra engine amid London-wide firefighting cuts intended to save £28.8million.

The cuts, outlined in the fifth draft plan for running London Fire Brigade up to 2016, set out the intention to close 12 fire stations and remove 18 fire engines across the capital.

But Stanmore Fire Station could gain an engine under the proposals, bringing it up to two – news welcomed by the borough.

Stations in the rest of Harrow and in the borough of Brent would also be saved from the cost-cutting closures, which have been proposed by Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson, to fit in with funding from London mayor Boris Johnson.

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, which oversees the brigade, is consulting across the capital over the plans until the end in June.

A public consultation for Brent and Harrow is being held on Tuesday next week, from 7pm to 9pm at Harrow Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow.

Commissioner Dobson, said: “This a unique chance to hear about my proposals for the future of the London Fire Brigade and how the changes I’m proposing may affect the fire service in each borough of London.

“People will also have the opportunity to ask us questions and I’d urge everyone to come along and have their say.”

London currently has 169 fire appliances in 112 stations. The proposed cuts would reduce this to 151 engines in 100 fire stations. The number of firefighters across the capital would be cut by 520.

Navin Shah, Labour London Assembly member for Brent and Harrow and vice-chairman of the fire authority, said: “The Mayor of London is playing with fire and putting lives of Londoner’s at risk by his reckless plans to close 12 fire stations, take away 18 fire engines and delete 520 firefighters.

“Residents should not think that just because fire stations are not closing in Harrow it won’t affect them.

“The plans will mean reduction of fire cover right across London, which in turn will put at risk safety of Harrow’s residents.

“I urge the residents to attend the public meeting, hear about the plans and have their say. I also urge Harrow’s residents to respond to the consultation and oppose the mayor’s closure plans to keep Harrow and London safe.”

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has also condemned the London-wide proposals.

Boris Johnson commented: “There have been some outrageous claims that the fire commissioner and I would put lives of Londoners at risk, so I am glad that the fire authority has finally accepted the need to give people the chance to consult on the fire and safety plan.

“The authority must now give the fire commissioner the freedom to run a timely consultation, free from political interference and obfuscation.”