I AM WRITING to say that I wholeheartedly support your campaign to improve Hounslow High Street and town centre.

I have lived in Hounslow since 1986 and remember when the High Street became 'pedestrianised' in the late 80s and early 90s and it was a real improvement.

Since then, it has descended into one tatty shop opening after another.

I have heard so many rumours about having a cinema and looked forward to the day when I could walk to see a film as opposed to driving to Cineworld at Feltham.

It looked like it was actually going to happen, but then nothing!

I rarely shop in Hounslow now if I have a choice as I find it depressing[2026] particularly the bottom end of the High Street near the bus station.

I think it looks like a Third World country there now. I would never take visitors or friends to Hounslow[2026] too embarrassing.

I tend to go shopping to Staines (nice little High Street and shopping centre with excellent facilities) or Kingston.

Please keep up the pressure on the Civic Centre, the people of Hounslow deserve better!

S HARVEY Via email