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Election 2015: Twickenham

Voters will be going to the polls in May to decide who should be the next member of parliament for Twickenham

Twickenham residents will be heading to the polls in May's General Election to decide who should be representing them in the next parliament.

Here is everything you need to know before casting your vote:


  • Nick Grant - Labour
  • Tania Mathias - Conservative
  • Tanya Williams- Green Party
  • Vince Cable - Liberal Democrat
  • Barry Edwards - UK Independence Party
  • Dominic Stockford - Christian Party
  • David Dean Wedgewood - The Magna Carta Party

Polling day

Polling day is May 7. Residents can vote at their local polling station between 7am and 10pm.

The count

Votes will be counted throughout the night at Richmond upon Thames College.

What happened last time?


  • Vince Cable - Liberal Democrat - 32,483 (54.4%)
  • Deborah Thomas - Conservative - 20,343 (34.1%)
  • Brian Tomlinson - Labour - 4,583 (7.7%)
  • Brian Gilbert - UK Independence Party - 868 (1.5%)
  • Stephen Roest - Green Party - 674 (1.1%)
  • Chris Hurst - BNP - 654 (1.1%)
  • Harry Cole - Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality - 76 (0.1%)
  • Paul Armstrong - Magna Carta - 40 (0.1%)

Constituency history

Formed in 1918, the seat of Twickenham has been a Conservative stronghold until the Liberal Democrats gained the seat in 1997 in a landslide victory.

Lib Dem Vince Cable is the current MP and has represented the constituency for 18 years, having first been elected in 1997 when he defeated Toby Jessel to take the seat.

To find which constituency you are, use our 'Find My Seat' gadget, and if you're still not sure who to vote for, why not try our 'Which party are you?' quiz.

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