I WOULD like to put the record straight in respect of your negative reports regarding The Earl Haig pub and the bad publicity that yourselves and the police are determined to project to the public.

This pub is a community centre for all nationalities of people, from all walks of life, and we all have a good time and laugh together.

Come to the pub on a Sunday football day and see for yourselves.

I can assure you that if this pub was a drugs den and 'punch house' as you and the police are trying to portray it, I, as a community champion and grandfather of five, would not be drinking there.

Yes, there are skirmishes occasionally inside the pub but they are dealt with professionally and immediately by the staff.

It is very rare that the police have to be called and I would like to see their records as to when they were called to an incident inside the pub.

Yes there are more serious incidents that occur off the pub premises when the perpetrator of the incident has long left the pub.

Are the licences of football club bars objected to when the fans leave the premises and there are mass brawls and riots?

No, because they are no longer on the premises.

This pub is no different to any other pub in the area but it is better controlled and the brewery has abided by all the sanctions that have been imposed on the premises.

As a matter of fact the pub closed at 7pm on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago because the doormen were not available. Are those the actions of a pub that does not abide by the rules?

As a matter of fact, look at how many times the police are called to other pubs in the area and The Earl is probably in the lower half of the list.

As for the fact that you mentioned the incident with Vince Eggleton, who was a personal friend of mine, I feel that you have used this man's name and the incident he was involved in as sensationalism to prove a point and to enhance your case against the Earl Haig.

I find it absolutely outrageous that you have to bring a dead man's name into the equation to get your point over.

Look elsewhere if you want to find drug dens and 'punch houses'.

They are not too far from your offices and the police station in Hounslow.

It is certainly not The Earl Haig.

BILL GALLUP Hounslow West