A DRIVER was injured after crashing through a safety barrier on a dual carriageway and knocking down a front garden wall.

The man driving a silver car on Western Avenue, coming to the junction of Gypsy Corner, Acton, lost control of his car at around 1pm on Friday and came to a stand-still after smashing into a 3ft brick wall, only metres from the house.

Police and ambulance were called to the scene and a lorry was used to remove the car from the under the rubble.

Joan Corani, who lives a few doors away from the accident, heard a loud bang before seeing the car up on the pavement.

Mrs Corani, said: "It seems to be an on-going thing although I don't think the driver was severely injured but he was taken by ambulance to hospital.

"The last accident was in January where a car smashed into the barrier and the driver ran off and someone will get killed next time as there are children, elderly and people walking their dogs along this stretch of road.

"The whole wall was smashed, there's glass everywhere, the barriers are down and it's lucky no-one else was hurt.

"There's a sharp bend and a large advertising board and perhaps drivers look up to see it and forget that they're driving."