WOULD the Treaty Centre manager like to tell us why the toilets will need to be closed twice a day to be cleaned when they manage to do it now without shutting them?

If we are 'taken short' while in the High Street where does he think we are to go if the toilets are closed?

The Treaty Centre loos are the onlypublic toilets in Hounslow.

I have, in the past, used the KFC toilets (which are always lovely and clean) but there are none near the Bell end of Hounslow, apart from the Treaty Centre ones.

If these were up to standard they wouldn't need to be closed twice a day for cleaning.

As for contacting security staff, have you seen any lately? Even the disabled toilets are closed, you can only go in there if you have a key to open the door.

MRS JJ GRANT Devon Waye, Heston.