SEVEN dangerous dogs were seized from homes across Harrow following a series of police raids.

The dogs, all believed to be pitbull-type dogs, were taken from four addresses in the borough on Thursday last week and have since been taken to kennels.

They will now be examined by specialists to verify whether they are indeed pitbull-type breeds, which are banned.

Police Constable Simon Underwood, a dogs legislation officer from the MPS Status Dogs Unit, brought specifically to Harrow to deal with the problem in the borough, said: "The local community has raised concerns about the issue of status and dangerous dogs in the area and we are committed to tackling the problem.

"We are equally committed to tackling animal welfare issues which often come hand-in-hand with owning status dogs. Pitbull-type dogs and their possession is illegal, and those who come into the notice of the Harrow partnership will be dealt with by the appropriate use of legislation."

The MPS Status Dog Unit provides an immediate 24-hour response to all incidents involving dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs and are able to seize dogs when necessary.

The four types of dogs which fall into banned breeds are: pitbulls, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro and Dogo Argentino.