A DEPRESSED woman has been left devastated after being told her deaf and arthritic dogs are being taken away for being 'out of control' despite being barely able to move.

Marion Higgins, 52, of Joanna House, Queen Caroline Estate, Hammersmith, has been served with a Notice Seeking Possession order by H&F Council after saying they have received numerous complaints.

Mrs Higgins is now facing up to the horror that cross Collie-German Shepherd Sensie, 15, who is deaf and stricken with arthritis which means she can not stand for long and cross Springer-Spaniel Annie, 10, could be taken away.

She said: "I complained about one of the other tenants dogs and they then complained to say my dogs are aggressive. They are so old and ill that they can't walk, let alone be aggressive.

"I am so frightened because I have had Sensie and Annie for so long. I live on my own so they are my only companions and I don't know what I would do if they were taken away from me.

"I suffer from depression, arthritis and angina and I went to see my doctor the other day and he told me I needed to calm down because my stress levels were making me more ill.

"But I don't know what I can do. The council seem to be victimising me and believing everyone else but me.

"My dogs are not dangerous or aggressive. They are good as gold."

Shirley Cupit, chairman of Queen Caroline Estate Tenants Association, said: "Since living here I have been constantly impressed by the care Marion has taken of her dogs and I know they mean the world to her.

"She has always made sure they have regular exercise and I've never been aware of them causing any trouble."

A H&F homes spokesman said: "We are taking action because of repeated complaints by neighbours about these dogs' unacceptable, out of control behaviour.

"Keeping dogs unless you have direct access to a communal gardens is a breach of the tenancy agreement, they must be brought under control so they do not cause a nuisance and irritation to neighbours.

"We will serve the Notice Seeking Possession because Mrs Higgins will not engage with H&F homes over the control of her dogs."