I AM writing with regard to the 'butchery' that is taking place on the grounds of the Medi Parc in Harefield (Wildlife haven is flattened for flats, Harefield Gazette, February 10).

I worked at Harefield Hospital for 24 years and am reliably informed that there is a deed of covenant on that land.

Whatever is built there should be for medical purposes only. I don't think 80 luxury apartments comes into anything 'medical'.

As a resident and a nature lover, I have to say that what Comer Homes has done so far has absolutely wrecked anything in their path; trees, wildlife and preserved trees.

I took my dogs over to go to the 'bluebell woods' last week only to find that access has been blocked by means of access gates. These have been welded, denying anybody entry.

I was under the impression this is a public footpath, and would therefore like to know how we can get to see the bluebells when they come up?

Everything has been done in such an underhand manner and, so far, without planning permission, according to the civic centre.

J COLE Harefield via email