SELF-PRAISING adverts put up by Hounslow Council have been branded a waste of money by Labour.

Hounslow town centre has been plastered with banners and posters hailing the success of the Tory council, and Steve Curran, chairman of the Brentford and Isleworth Constituency Labour Party, believes the advertising blitz so close to an election is a 'disgrace'.

He said: "They have abused their position by wasting council taxpayers' money claiming they have made savings through their so-called improvement programme, yet wasting it on expensive advertising."

The posters, which are hanging off lampposts and attached to bus stops in the town centre, advertise the claim the council has delivered good quality recycling services as well as 'giving you more pocket money' by freezing council tax again.

Mr Curran said: "The banners look like they are straight from Tory central office. What I want to know is how much this has cost the taxpayer?"

Councillor Peter Thompson, leader of the council, defended the banners saying he believed it was important local people saw the local authority was delivering on its promises.

"These services are ones that back in 2008 we promised would be delivered by the end of this financial year as part of the Hounslow plan," he said.

"They are based on what local people told us they wanted, so we think it's important that people know that we are delivering what they want."