AS MIGHT be expected from the wholly Spanish-owned BAA, its London-Heathrow train services were cashing in big time on the disruption to the Piccadilly Line this weekend.

In the past, All Zone Travel Cards have been accepted on both HEX and CONnect. However, in an admirable demonstration of 'rip-off' Britain - and at the expense of its long suffering airline passengers - BAA and its two Paddington-Heathrow train 'services' were not accepting any TfL travelcards this weekend. Instead, BAA was charging the usual full price, rip-off fares it normally does for its tatty and worn trains into outer London.

And HEX staff were seen on Sunday at T5 ensuring that passengers do indeed pay the exorbitant £18 (whatever) single fare into west London.

They were stationed at every TfL ticket machine, deterring passengers from even thinking of going by Tube into central London.