THOUSANDS of campaigners spoke with one voice this week to show their opposition to plans for a third runway, sixth terminal and an end to runway alternation at Heathrow.

A huge rally was held at Westminster Central Hall on Monday to mark the close of the Government's consultation into the environmental and noise impact of the proposals.

More than 2,500 people converged on the political heart of the country and were in no mood to compromise.

Judy George, of College Road, Isleworth, had made the journey into London with husband, Alastair, to protest against Heathrow - their 'dreadful neighbour'.

She told the Chronicle: "A third runway would make life terrible and we need runway alternation. I've lived in Isleworth 22 years and we need that respite at 3pm."

Hounslow councillor Barbara Reid opened the rally on behalf of the 2M group of west London councils, which represents more than two million residents.

She hit out at the Government's attempt to 'rubber stamp' the airport's expansion through its much-criticised 238-page public consultation.

To loud applause she demanded: "Where is the box to tick which says we are the people of west London and have done our bit for the national interest and it is now our turn?"

Other figures from across Hounslow's political spectrum were out in force, including a brief appearance by Brentford and Isleworth MP Ann Keen.

Her MP husband Alan was also present and told the Chronicle the couple's own consultation found a majority of people were against expansion plans.

The Feltham and Heston MP vowed the duo would pressure the Department for Transport to scrap the plans - and were well placed to be listened to.

"Ann and I don't usually vote against the party because we feel it's anti-democratic, so when you're talking about being listened to by people, they would take notice of us," he said.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was among a host of other politicians to address the crowd.

He told those gathered: "There are only three words that need to be said tonight - 'No third runway'."

A NEIGHBOURING council has rocked the debate over expansion at Heathrow after coming out in support of a third runway, writes Michael Simon.

Tory-run Spelthorne was previously part of the 2M group of 12 local authorities around Heathrow, which argue expansion would have a negative impact on quality of life for two million residents.

Leader of the Surrey borough John Packman said: "I think it would be a serious disservice to our residents to 'just say no' to Heathrow expansion.

"It is vital to the continued health and prosperity of our local community and if it is allowed to wither on the vine it will be a body blow for businesses and jobs in Spelthorne and the UK generally."

As the area is to the south of Heathrow it would suffer only a minimal level of noise and pollution should expansion go ahead, but could reap great economic benefits.

Over 12 per cent of Spelthorne's population work at the airport and many more owe their jobs to the business that it brings to the area.

Mr Packman's support is subject to consideration of the environmental impact on the borough, but is likely to remain positive.

Hounslow Council's aviation spokeswoman Barbara Reid said: "It's not a decision that I agree with, but it's their decision."

Lord Clive Soley, campaign director of the aviation lobbying group Future Heathrow, claimed the majority of local people are in favour of expansion.