LOCAL newspapers all over the country, just like this one, very kindly printed my letter announcing a 'Fun Weekend' for ex-National Servicemen, which included a massive parade at the National Arboretum at Alrewas at the end of June.

The letters were read!

The response has been terrific and many men, with their wives or partners, have booked in, but a common comment has been, 'they ought to bring back National Service. Best two years of my life, met some great pals who I am still in touch with.' And it didn't matter whether they served in the Army, Royal Navy or the Royal Air Force - most enjoyed it.

If you are ex-National Service and missed the first letter, this is a recall for you to 'get fell in again' at this huge parade at Alrewas on the last Sunday in June. Get your boots polished, pack your kit and make a weekend of it with a very nostalgic 1940s weekend.

Superb accommodation, with a fun outing on Saturday, before a parade on Sunday. There is also a chance to win a prize. Still got your uniform or 1940s gear? Bring it!

Transport will be in comfortable coaches, not the back of lorries with canvas over!

Write to Mike Crowe, ex-National Serviceman, 7 Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PG. Include your service number, which service you served in and when, and we will send you all the details of this wonderful, nostalgic weekend and some photos of last year's parade.

Wives and partners will enjoy it too - trust me, I'm an ex-National Serviceman.

Don't forget to bring your camera.


Former Royal Navy National Serviceman, 1958-60