THE OWNER of a zoo in Brentford has just two months to raise £300,000 or some of his animals will face "euthanasia".

The lives of hundreds of creatures at The Tropical Zoo hang in the balance as fund-raising chiefs work to gather a cool £1.5 million to see the attraction moved to another place.

Co-founder Tony Purdy said his zoo has been forced out of the Syon Park site to make way for a new hotel. He told The Chronicle: "All the animals here have been rescued and came to us because nobody wants them, it's going to be very difficult for us to find homes for the animals.

"Euthanasia might be the only option for a number of the animals here. It is difficult and expensive to move some of them so we could have a problem that way. I don't want to look at it like that though, I want to keep looking at the positive side."

Despite being found a new site to occupy by the London Borough of Hounslow, time is running out for the organisation to gather the much needed funds. It has been a hotspot for a host of visitors as well as the perfect place for school visits. The zoo is home to more than 300 different fish and hundreds of other animals including monkeys, lizards and cockatoos.

A spokesman from the London Borough of Hounslow said: "We are working with the owners to look at the possibility of moving the zoo to Bedfont Lakes. This will be subject to approval by members and obtaining the relevant planning permission in the usual way."