BIG-HEARTED Brentford schoolgirls finally unveiled the result of a year-long fundraising campaign - a puppy which will grow up to be a much-needed guide dog.

The Glads Club, based at Brentford School for Girls, collected £5,000 in 2007 to name and train a guide dog in memory of much-loved teaching assistant Daisy Redman, who died of leukaemia in October 2005.

The group, founded by teaching assistant Marianne Gilbert, decided to name a pup after Daisy following a visit to the secondary school by blind resident Dave Kent.

He spoke to pupils movingly about his life and the adoration he had for his own guide dog, Reuben.

A host of Brentford businesses and residents contributed to the 'Guide Dog For Daisy' fund over the course of the campaign.

Young pup Daisy was born on February 22 and has been staying with a walker since, ahead of her training to become an official guide dog later this year.