WITH reference to your Chronicle story of April 17, Asian numbers could scupper airport plan, I can appreciate and respect objections to Heathrow's expansion on the grounds of pollution, noise, congestion etc.

But when the Friends of the Earth join up with the Hounslow Race Equality Council (HREC) and object solely on the grounds that "a large percentage of ethnic minorities live in the town" it goes to show how dangerously manipulative these people can be.

What possible objection could the HREC (an organisation apparently selective in who they represent, but funded by all of us) have against airport expansion when you consider that black, white, yellow or blue we all breathe in the same fumes, hear the same sounds and are subject to the same traffic jams.

This playing of the race card will do nothing to placate those who believe that immigrants have a disproportionate effect on the way the country is run and if successful will be counterproductive to race relations.

HARLEY BUCKNER Harvest Road, Feltham.