A LAST-DITCH attempt to divert the 110 bus to Whitton High Street has failed after being rejected by Boris Johnson.

London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon handed the London Mayor a 1,000-name petition at the end of June after proposals to re-route the bus were turned down by Transport for London (TfL).

However, Mr Johnson last week put what could be the final nail in the coffin by writing to Ms Pidgeon to confirm he stood by TfL's decision.
In a brief letter, he concluded: "Unfortunately TfL could not divert the 110 and although they looked at a number of alternatives a suitable diversion could not be found."

Ann Goff began campaigning at the start of the year to extend the Hounslow-Twickenham route via Whitton High Street, Nelson Road and Hospital Bridge Road.

She was frustrated that thousands of people living in west Whitton had to catch two buses simply to reach their nearest shopping centre.

However, TfL bosses rejected the move in April, claiming it would add an extra 6-7 minutes to existing journey times for the 900-plus passengers using the service daily. They said Whitton High Street was already served by the H22 and there was an interchange with the 110 in Hospital Bridge Road.

Twickenham MP Vince Cable, who met TfL officers earlier this year in a bid to persuade them to change the service, said he was 'very disappointed'.

"There is a great deal of local demand for the diversion, which the mayor has ignored. Given the support from local residents and traders, I am asking that he reconsiders," he said.

Whitton councillor Liz Jaeger described the decision as a 'huge shame' but insisted she had not given up hope. "Given the demand, I am pressing our Conservative council to work with residents to find a way of subsidising a service," she said.

TfL officers wrote to Mr Cable in May, after their meeting, explaining they had considered a number of options, none of which they deemed viable. They said even a shorter diversion along Percy Road would cost about £150,000 extra, because of the need for an additional bus and staff, and would require minor changes to the road layout.

As for diverting the H22 via Powdermill Lane and Waverley Avenue, they said this would add about seven minutes per journey and would cost £220,000.