Planning officials are set to come under intense scrutiny during an widespread investigation into the first stage of the Blenheim Centre project.

Residents of six roads near the development have this week lodged an complaint with local government ombudsman Tony Redmond.

A huge bundle of documents containing written and visual evidence was delivered by hand to his offices in Millbank on Monday.

Neighbours have complained for years about the impact the massive development has had on their homes.

Pictures presented to Mr Redmond include one dramatic bird's-eye view showing the shadow cast by the building.

Christine Quick, 63, of Ellington Road, said: "It will probably take them quite a while to assess it. We just have to wait and see."

She said more than 30 people living in Alexandra Road, Balfour Road, Ellington Road, Holloway Street, Lansdowne Road and Myrtle Road are supporting the complaint.

They have taken action just two weeks after developer Blenheim Norwest was axed and the second stage of the scheme was restarted from scratch.

"The residents are making this complaint and pursuing compensation from the council and the developer for the loss of amenity and the environmental nuisance caused to us by the development, and the council's inability to control the scale of the development, to follow due process, and to curb the activities of the developer and his contractors," the complaint reads.

The action has been launched a month after Hounslow Council responded to the last of a three-stage complaints process.

In a letter it admitted some errors were made during the planning process but rejected any suggestion of widespread failings.

This week a spokesman said the council was unable to comment further while the complaint was being investigated.

The complainants have amassed a range of evidence from Hounslow Library and council archives.

"The only conclusion to be made was this development was being driven through regardless of problems and planning regulations," said Ms Quick.

Trainee solicitor Priyanka Dhillon, 24, a co-campaigner who claims her home in Ellington Road has been left in perpetual shadow, added she was taking action on 'principle.'