HOUNSLOW will receive an 'anti-ASBO grant' of £40,000 from the Government in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour but critics say it is too little, too late.

The borough has been identified as a problem area for youth crime, vandalism and disorder and the council will receive financial support to train staff, clean up the environment and spend on community projects.

The grant is part of a package of £10m nationwide but victims who are suffering the effects of anti-social behaviour say the money is nowhere near enough.

Last month it was revealed that anti-social behaviour in Feltham went up 18% in the previous six months, despite a ban on drinking being imposed in the town centre.

Jim Boyle, 68, lives on the Allied Estate – one of the town's worst-hit areas – and has had stones thrown at his windows and caught teenagers urinating on his car.

He said: "What on earth do they think they are going to do with £40,000? What we need is more police on the streets and a bit of discipline on these kids. I don't think these politicians realise that this is ruining people's lives."

Neighbour, Wayne Ferguson agrees. "They need to lock these people up – not spend a few thousand quid on some useless community project."
The Government has pledged to step up action on ASBO breaches and provide targeted support to areas such as Hounslow where more than 25% of the population think anti-social behaviour is a big problem.

MP for Feltham and Heston, Alan Keen, argued that the money could make a real difference. He said: "This money will help with training frontline staff, environmental clean up campaigns, support for community led projects to engage young people and offering support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

"Anti-social behaviour is an issue this Government takes very seriously and I want people in Hounslow to know they are not alone because the Government, their council and the police are on their side. I am confident that this package will help in tackling anti-social behaviour in Hounslow."