On Monday control of the NHS was handed to clinical commissioning groups with a brief from government to oversee the privatisation of our health service and the closure and sale of many of our major hospitals, including of course Charing Cross.

At the same time the introduction of the bedroom tax, cuts to housing benefit, and the abolition of the housing waiting list will leave at least 4,000 families in Hammersmith and Fulham alone unable to pay their rent.

With no prospect of an affordable home locally they face eviction and exile.

Meanwhile, planning consents for thousands of high-rise high-density flats are given out each month at Hammersmith Town Hall.

The only rule for developers is that no additional affordable homes will be built. A rule which aids the Conservative council’s social engineering strategy, and with which developers are happy to comply.

Destroying communities or businesses is no barrier, as evidenced by demolition of 760 homes in West Ken and the compulsory purchase of Shepherd’s Bush market, both for high-rise flats for foreign investors.

Boris Johnson’s planning deputy said of Tory plans for west London that ‘we were not making the most of our hospitals in economic terms’ and talking about H&F that ‘if we don’t develop these areas with high density we can’t leave the rest of London with low density’.

Don’t say you weren’t told.