The consultants behind the Olympic Village in Stratford are set to launch a major review into the future of Hounslow town centre.

Hounslow Council finally revealed the scale of changes being considered as part of its 'masterplan'.

At stake is not just the future of Key Site 1 and the pot-holed car park which will eventually become Phase 2 of the troubled Blenheim Centre project.

Up to 30 acres of land, including Hounslow bus station and scores of shops and flats opposite, could get a major facelift, with developers already queuing up for a piece of the action.

US-based firm EDAW will consult residents about everything from what shops and leisure facilities they want to whether Hounslow needs more pubs and clubs.

It will also look at the capacity for new housing and the town's potential to lure shoppers away from rival centres such as Staines and Richmond.

The council said it had been waiting for the results of today's Mayoral election - which could prove crucial with the new planning powers available to the victor - before launching a massive consultation process.

"This is a town centre that's not performing well and is getting progressively more rundown and losing out to its competitors," said a planning spokesman.

"There's been a lack of confidence in the past but there's a lot of research suggesting that if we get the model right, people will come and spend their money locally."

A host of public meetings will be held throughout the summer before the council draws up its vision for the town centre this autumn.

To give you a taste of what could be in store, we have highlighted some of the sites ripe for redevelopment.

BATH ROAD CAR PARK Hounslow is unusual in having so many surface car parks dotted about the town centre. A big multi-storey car park could free up large swathes of land, including this site,for developers.

OFFICES TO THE WEST OF HIGH STREET Many of these are empty or unprofitable and several developers are keen to replace them with housing.But a council spokesman said there was a danger of Hounslow becoming a ghost town during the day without them.

KEY SITE 1, PHASE 2 Despite being dumped by the council, which owns the site, Blenheim Norwest has pressed ahead with plans for hundreds more flats, shops and a cinema. The council is considering the application and is likely to issue a decision before autumn. Blenheim's bid includes an 18-storey tower and a council spokesman said a big question was whether people want tall buildings. "It's clear many people don't like the height of the Blenheim Centre but we want to know if that's just because it's tall or because they think it's ugly," he added.

HOUNSLOW BUS GARAGE Tesco is keen to build flats and shops above a new bus station at this site, which is jointly owned byTransport for London and private developers.

FORMER SAFEWAY BUILDING, STAINES ROAD This has stood empty for more than two years and owner Morrisons remains tight-lipped about its plans. Although there are no suggestions this will happen, a council spokesman said that if the masterplan revealed development was necessary at any site it was prepared to seek a compulsory purchase.

SCHOOL ROAD CAR PARK and NEIGHBOURING FLATS AND SHOPS Several shops are empty or rundown and the whole lot could be demolished, along with shops across the road,to make way for a new scheme.