YOU may have spotted me walking around Uxbridge recently with a pram, but don't worry - there's not something I forgot to tell you. It's not actually my baby; it's Neve, my lovely one-month-old niece. I've been doing the good auntie thing and taking her off for a walk while her mum has a nap.

Neve's souped-up pram is a space age Bugaboo that cost more than my first car.

Yes, it looks amazing, but the amount of money these things cost is criminal. As my sister keeps telling me, she didn't and wouldn't have paid full price - she got a bargain as her friend kindly used their staff discount and it was a fraction of what it should have cost.

But there must be some people out there who think nothing of spending a small fortune on a set of wheels for their baby, which will only be used for a few years and will inevitably get covered in food, drink and other bodily fluids.

We had a classic Maclaren Techno buggy for Alex, a great, British-designed buggy with the timeless 'umbrella fold'. This meant negotiating it in and out of the car was easy, we could go down any aisle in any shop in Uxbridge and it cost (then) about £130.

Apparently a lot of these very expensive prams and buggies are getting stolen from outside doctors' surgeries and toddler groups, so when you see them lined up, look a little closer and you'll see that some of them are actually padlocked up.

While there's a bit of controversy about the whole umbrella fold system with Maclaren at the moment, you're never going to have to padlock it are you?

I took Neve for a little stroll in her new pram yesterday and we walked into Uxbridge as I specifically wanted to check out the new addition to Uxbridge town centre - an enormous Poundland on the site of the old Woolworths.

I was after some Christmas decorations for Alex to put up in his bedroom next month and had heard there are some good lights and decorations instore.

I was laughing to myself at the irony of pushing the Bugaboo around Poundland, but I was laughing on the other side of my face when I saw the heavens had opened while I'd been idly browsing the store and I had no idea where to find the rain cover.

After a few frantic phone calls I eventually located the rain cover but it then took me a good 15 minutes to work out how to fix it on properly as bemused coffee drinkers in Costa looked on.

I got a round of applause when I eventually completed it. I think I'll stick to indoor babysitting next time.

Alex has been off sick with an infection, so we've watched a few good movies on the TV. Hairspray was brilliant - I can't believe I missed this at the cinema first time round, and when I heard that Bishopshalt School is putting on a production I booked tickets straight away.

Hairspray runs from December 3 to 5, with matinee and evening performances, and you can book tickets online at www.bishopshalt.

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