Heavy drinking and antisocial behaviour is “ruining” a local beauty spot and has sparked an online petition.

The petition was created by Colin McMonagle who is calling on Ealing Council and the community policing teams to stop the “intimidating” congregation of groups of heavily drinking men in Connelly Dell Park, Hanwell.

With 243 signatures, the petition - started on the change.org website - needs another 257 to reach its target.

He says his wife and other women feel too “unsafe” to walk through the park.

Ealing Council say, however, that although they have not received any formal complaints over the matter they will step up patrols in the area.

“As a community-minded resident of Hanwell Village, I have had finally had enough of the constant antisocial behaviour in my local park, which has been happening unabated for the past two years since I have been living here," said Mr McMonagle.

“It seems that at anytime of day when I walk through the park, there are various groups of men (and sometimes women) gathered drinking alcohol and sitting on the park benches.

"There is regular damage caused to the park, like broken fences, and while I cannot assume the two are linked, I would guess they are.

“While most [not all] are not directly threatening, it makes the park an unpleasant and unwelcoming place to visit.

“My wife and other women I know on the street are too scared to even walk through the park because of this.

“I am unable to bring my young nephews to the park, as I do not want them to witness the constant drinking.

“The park should be a welcoming place for all people in the area and I would like Ealing Council and the community police to take a stand and remove these people and strongly discourage this behaviour.

“It simply isn’t fair and is ruining the otherwise good community feel to the area. If you agree you would like action taken and the park returned to the residents, please support me by signing this petition."

Sosheila Ernestine said: “I live in the area and grew up as a child playing in Connelly Dell and don’t want to see it go to ruin.”

Irena Farrell wrote: “I am sighing because I have been often prevented from strolling down the garden because of groups of people drinking, behaving rudely and blocking the paths. They throw rubbish and render the park unsafe.”

Robert Miller said: “Having lived near the park for 25 years I was delighted when, a few years ago, its slow decline was halted and it was brought back to beauty with the use of a substantial grant. To see this lovely asset for the community rapidly slipping away due to antisocial behaviour and a laissez faire attitude on the part of the council and police is very sad, to say the least.”

A council spokesman said: “The council’s parkguard officers regularly patrol the area and will always move on anyone causing a nuisance.

“Although we’ve received no direct complaints from residents, we will step up patrols in Conolly Dell and our park rangers will be visiting the area to investigate the problem.

“We will also continue to work with the police and outreach services to target street drinkers and get them the help they need.”

If anyone has any concern about any of our parks, they can email the team at parks@ealing.gov.uk.