The police detective who led the Milly Dowler murder investigation said that he believes her killer Levi Bellfield confessed in hopes to get parole in the future.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton said that he's convinced that the West Drayton man has an "ulterior motive" for his confession.

Sutton told Good Morning Britain on Thursday (January 28): "Well at the moment he can never apply for parole, for a whole-life tariff he’s got, but there was a move a year or so ago to take the idea of whole-life tariffs to the European Court of Human Rights.

"That failed, but it might succeed in the future.

"It wouldn’t surprise me if what he is doing is preparing the ground, hoping that at some point, two years, five years, 10 years, the law changes and he is able to apply for parole, and of course a pre-condition of that would be that he accepts responsibility for what he has done.

“I never thought Levi Bellfield would admit to anything and the cynic in me says there’s a reason. He does everything for reason."

He added: later said: "I was shocked because I never expected Levi Bellfield to confess to anything. Not in his nature, I thought, which makes me wonder if there is some ulterior motive.

"I’m a bit cynical about his motivation for doing this. I hope he wants to clear the slate, I hope he’ll show remorse about everything that he has done."

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The news comes as police have revealed they will launch a string of new investigations into murders across the country that could possibly be linked to the murderer.

Levi Bellfield admitted on Wednesday (January 27) that he did rape and kill 13-year-old Milly in 2002 and also confessed to other attacks.

The former bouncer from West Drayton has spent 14 years denying the murder of Milly Dowler, despite being convicted of it in 2011 and serving five years of his prison sentence.

After the announcement of Bellfield's confession, a spokesman for Dowler's family said: “The effect of this information has been devastating for a family which has already had to endure so much.”

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