PEACE Day at Hurlingham Club, September 1919.

Although Peace Day at the end of the First World War was held on July 19, 1919, Fulham councillors decided to have two special days of celebrations on September 16 and 17 for children, either at their schools or, for older pupils, on the number two polo ground at the Hurlingham Club. The club grounds were turned each day into a playground with swings, roundabouts and all kinds of novel amusements.

There were organised sports with prizes, and pupils were given three 1d vouchers to exchange for fruit, ice-cream or sweets.

The cost of entertaining some 28,000 children came to £1,000.

From Hammersmith and Fulham: The Twentieth Century by Christine Bayliss and Jane Kimber. (ISBN 9-7509-2040-8).