Harrow has a fair claim to being considered the birthplace of photography.
Former Harrow School pupil William Fox Talbot experiments with sensitised paper and sunlight in 1834 paved the way for the camera and photographs that have documented and shaped the world ever since.
His work and that of other Old Harrovians with links to the school go on display at a special exhibition later this month.
The Old Speech Room Gallery will feature roughly 100 works by contemporary photographers alongside works by Fox Talbot, Cecil Beaton and Patrick Lichfield.
Vintage prints will include what could be some of Beaton's earliest ever negatives taken between 1918 and 1922.
Patrick Lichfield's famous photos from the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1982 will be on show with his famous 40 Years On project.
The schoolboy charged his fellow pupils 9d to take their portraits as they left and then tracked them down 40 years later for another set to see what the decades had done to them.
Work by the present official Royal photographer Geoffrey Shakerley will hang side-by-side with work by Charlie Pycraft, the paparazzi who caught "Comedy Terrorist" Aarom Barschak being led away in handcuffs after managing to get into Prince William's birthday party at Windsor Castle.
The picture was never printed in the UK.

The exhibition runs from September 18 to March 2009 every day during term time from 2.30-5pm except Wednesdays.
Visitors should check the gallery is open by calling 020 8872 8205 before visiting.

For more photos from the exhibition see our picture gallery .