Old members of the Boys' Brigade came from far and wide to reminisce about the good times at their first reunion in 10 years.

About 90 ex-members of the 1st and 2nd Ruislip Boys' Brigade met up at South Ruislip Methodist Church in Queens Walk, South Ruislip, at the end of last month for the reunion.

The get together was organised by the company because there had not been one for about 10 years and it also coincided with the 125th anniversary of the Boys' Brigade on Saturday.

Some of the members, including 78-year-old Ron Humm, go back as far as the original meeting of the 1st Ruislip, which was formed during the War in 1942.

Mr Humm's son, Peter, 45, has been captain of the company for 21 years and wanted to set up the reunion to give old members a chance to enjoy some nostalgia.

He said: "Two of our ex-members put together a This Is Your Life type thing on behalf of the company. It was well presented and it was extremely funny. They picked up on all the old anecdotes and funny things over the years.

"The rest of the time people chatted about old times and reminisced over tea and coffee. There are some who are good friends and see each other regularly anyway, but the majority have not seen each other for years. It was really nice.

"Various people have got various collections of things that they brought along like old show scripts and books of things we have done in the past, including press cuttings.

"There was lots of memorabilia there that people could pore over.

"It fell in line with the anniversary of the organisation. When we heard it was coming up we thought we should do the reunion because we had not had one for a while. A lot of the boys from the 1st group are getting quite old and many of them won't be around for much longer."

The Deputy Mayor of Hillingdon, Shirley Harper-O'Neill, also paid the company a visit on the same day to present them with a new minibus.

Half of the funds needed to pay for the bus - £5,000 - came from a Youth Capital Fund grant from Hillingdon Council and the Company raised the rest of the money.

The bus will be used to take members to different activities like football matches and camps in the summer. For more information about the Boys' Brigade go to www.boysbrigade.org.uk, or to become a member of the 2nd Ruislip group call Peter Humm on 07918 640 229.