A CROWD await the arrival of Jane Carr, the screen and stage star of the day, at Fulham Central Library in 1947.

Carr was the star attraction of the Fuel Economy Exhibition, which ran from August 16-30, and was a national campaign to reduce fuel consumption by 25 per cent.

The exhibition entrance was a life-sized model of a pit gallery, with the props and coalface being lit by miners' lamps.

Displays showed gas manufacture and the uses of coal by-products.

These included drugs, plastics, tar, pitch and creosote, as well as film shows and models illustrating the uses of coal.

Miss Carr toured the exhibition with the mayor, Councillor Perotti, and met two miners who could not longer work because of ill health.

**From Hammersmith & Fulham: The Twentieth Century by Christine Bayliss and Jane Kimber ISBN 0-7509-2040-8