50 years ago: April 8, 1960 SCHOOLGIRLS LEARN TO CARE FOR A HOME

MANY young men may one day have a cause to bless Queen's Court Secondary Girls' School, in Star Road.

For Queen's Court is one of Fulham's schools where they are teaching girls to become good housewives.

"Good wives? Well, that is essentially a masculine way of looking at it," said headmistress Miss ML Kindred.

"Some of the girls may not marry; some may become widows; but we are trying to teach them to be complete people, and housecraft is one side of this.

"We are teaching them how to look after a home, to bring a scientific approach to housecraft.

"We encourage them to think things out.

"There are some girls who have no aptitude for cooking and cleaning and washing, but most of them like learning about these things."

Main room in the school's housecraft section is a large kitchen where, under the supervision of Mrs M Agutter, girls were busy making Easter cakes, sausage rolls, and preparing vegetables.

The syllabus - from the age of 11 to 16 - also includes laundry, the care of toddlers, new fabrics, children's parties, budgeting and shopping, home decoration and care of clothes.

25 years ago: April 12, 1985 'FAMILY' CHELSEA CHELSEA Football Club will be tightening up on security in a bid to stamp out hooliganism.

The CCTV system at Stamford Bridge is to be expanded and improved, and more stewards are to be trained ready for next season.

Chelsea's plan to hit out at the hooliganism which has scarred the club's reputation in the past is detailed in a 10-page document this week.

The family enclosure will be relocated in the lower tier of the East Stand and trebled in size. Entry will be restricted to club members, unaccompanied juveniles, senior citizens and certain season ticket holders.

The club will also be inviting parties from schools to the enclosure, which will be closely stewarded. Everyone will be vetted before entry.

To prevent their fans from travelling to away matches, the club will revert back to holding their reserve team matches on Saturdays.

The kick-off will correspond with the first team's away matches. Admission will be free to season ticket holders and club members.

Score flashes from the first team's match will be put up on the electronic scoreboard throughout the game.

"This could appeal to the unemployed. For £10 per annum they can see at least 21 matches free," noted the report.