GUNSHOTS shattered the Saturday evening peace on February 10, 1968 in a gangland slaying in Hazlebury Road, Sands End.

At least six shots were fired at around 7pm in a flat at number 51, fatally wounding Terence 'Ba Ba' Elgar and seriously injuring Anthony Lawrence, who survived despite two gunshots to the head.

The shootings were the result of a gangland feud, and reports of the time described a street gripped by shock and fear, still reeling from the recent murder of three police officers in Shepherd's Bush.

Elgar, aged 22, had lived in Fulham Court with his family and worked with Lawrence at his scrap metal yard in Waterford Road and also worked as a trader in North End Road market.

Ian Horton, who lived at the house Hazlebury Road, and George Marshall were charged with murder and attempted murder. Horton was discharged at his trial and George Marshall was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, but was later freed on appeal.

Both men claimed Lawrence had pointed a shotgun at them first because they had failed to carry out a contract killing of a rival scrap dealer.

"Lawrence maintained both he and Elgar had been lured to Hazlebury Road so they could be killed.

A neighbour said afterwards: "There was a man on the doorstep with blood pouring down his face. He asked to be allowed in to the house but we thought he was a drunkard.

"The man was in a daze but because we thought he was drunk we got him back into the street and shut the door."

* BREAKING glass and the sounds of screaming children woke the parents of one sleepy Fulham resident on the night of September 8, 1961, when fire broke out in a neighbouring house.

Writing on the Sands End Revisited website, he said: "Only a wall separated their bedroom from the house next door.

"Their main concern was to lead my three-year-old sister, six-year-old brother and me, their 10-year-old son, away from danger.

"As the eldest child it was thought that I was following them down the stairs and out in the street and to safety but I was a heavy sleeper in those days and had returned to my bed.

"When it soon became apparent that I was missing, a Spanish friend who was lodging with us at the time quickly returned to rescue me.

"She later said that she literally had to pound me and drag me out of bed.

"As we came out of our house I looked to the right and the commotion of the night hit me.

"People were shouting, lights were flashing and, worst of all, flames and smoke were coming out of the top floor of the house.

"We assembled in our neighbour's dining room, shocked and trying to make sense of what was going on.

"Every now and again a neighbour would come in with a snippet of news, the latest being worse than the previous.

"Four-year-old Sharon Knight, eight-year-old Jackie and a lodger, Arthur Mobley, all lost their lives on that dreadful night.

"The Fulham Chronicle named the heroes of the night as Jack White and his son Jack, Mr M and Mr T Webster, Mr C Moulton, Mr E Wilton and Mr R Neve.

"If it had not been for their gallantry more of the children would probably have perished."