A choir celebrated its 30th anniversary with a lot of jubilation.

The Jubilate! Ladies' Choir first formed at Kingsbury High School, as part of the school choir.

After discovering a passion for singing, a group of school friends decided to reach out to others to form the choir - and it is still going strong in its 30 years later.

Having formed at school, the choir moved its weekly rehearsals to Pinner in the 1990s, and now meets at the Pinner Methodist Church to rehearse in preparation for events such as the recent Midsummer Music concert, at St Mary's Church, Harrow-on-the-Hill. Here, contemporary musical styles were showcased alongside more traditional pieces.

Although not everyone in the choir has been there for the whole 30 years, there is a group of about 10 women who have been with the choir from day one.

One of them is Carol Meacham, 44. She explained that deciding to carry the choir on outside of school was something that seemed like an obvious choice to her. She said: "When it was time to leave school it seemed sad to stop singing. We wanted to carry it on."

Being one of the first members, Carol still gets excited and nervous performing at concerts and competitions: "Both the old hands and the new members get excited. There is a buzz with performing on stage that I love."

Jubilate! likes to mix up the types of music it performs, which can range from traditional psalms to pop songs such as California Dreamin', and African chant music. It is this kind of differing variety of styles that makes the choir unique, and accessible to all.

The choir is led by musical director Sarah Stroh. Holding a first class honors degree in music, she has had a vital role in the group's ongoing success. Carol Meacham says of Sarah: "She's a very talented musician and has produced some fantastic results for us."

While enjoying performing at local concerts, the choir is in no way limited to this, having previously taken part in the prestigious Cheltenham Festival, where it won first place in the Ladies' Choir Class this year.

Events such as these enable the choir to really show people what singing is all about - fun. It also gives the women a chance to bond with each other.

Co-chairwoman of the choir Babara Sved, from Northwood, has sung in some of the major London choirs in the past 10 years at some of the most prestigious venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, and has been a part of Jubilate! for the last three years.

She decided to join the choir so that her friends and family could enjoy the music she loved, and she remembers hearing the women rehearse before she joined: "They just sounded so lovely. It's always so much fun when we per-form.

"Everyone loves it. We're selling out and need to find some bigger venues."

While always having fun performing, they put their singing abilities to good causes by raising money for charities. A recent event at the Kenton Methodist Church raised more than £800 for St Luke's Hospice.

The hospice plans to use the money raised from the concert as a contribution towards patient care.

Though it started out as a small group of friends getting together, the choir now has about 40 members, ranging from women in their 20s to those in their 50s.

The age range is highlighted by mother and daughter Jane and Claire Palmer, of Ickenham. The pair are both members of the choir who decided to join because of their enjoyment of singing at home together.

Claire said: "We love to sing show tunes together at home and when we joined we instantly became part of the family.

"We're both absolutely loving it and hope to be involved for the foreseeable future."

With the choir's recent anniversary, the members could not be in better spirits. Always looking forward to the next rehearsal or performance Jubilate! hopes to be around for another 30 years.

The choir is available to perform at weddings, fundraising and corporate events.

If you would like to get any more information about Jubilate! or if you want to showcase your own vocal chords please contact Barbara Sved on 07757 772499, or Carol Meacham on 07896 020460. Alternatively you can visit www.jubilatesingers.org.uk