SOUTH Park was officially opened on Whit Monday, May 25, 1904, a pleasant day for 'the quiet little ceremony'.

The ceremony was performed by the Mayor, Councillor John Curtis.

The park was built on land known as Southfields, which Miss Charlotte Sulivan, of Broom House, had sold to

Fulham Borough Council in 1903 for £1,500 an acre.

The final cost of the 21-acre park was £46,000, of which £30,000 was contributed by London County Council.

There had been some opposition to the park, mainly from Mr Nicholls, the well-known local builder, who said: "I consider it would spoil Wandsworth Bridge Road if we bought the land and turned it into a park.

"I think the neighbourhood wants more houses in it." **From Hammersmith and Fulham: The Twentieth Century by Christine Bayliss and Jane Kimber. ISBN 0-7509-2040-8.